Local Moving Edgewater MD 

Here at We You Junk Removal, we provide flexible Edgewater MD moving services to fit your needs. That is why you are assured that we would be there to assist you whether you are Edgewater MD moving to a home, office or storage facility. Our friendly and helpful customer service representative would be happy to help in setting your move schedule while our movers can do the job quickly and efficiently. Therefore, you are sure to have a stress-free move. We can also get you the best packing arrangements with our packing crew. We have a full-packing package where you don’t even have to lift a finger.

We also offer part-packing service where we pack the things you can’t, you won’t or don’t know how.  As part of our services, we can also dismantle and reassemble any furniture as needed. We are also able to dispose of any of your junk such as busted appliances and old furniture. Flexible as we are, we’ll do only what you want or need to be done so you don’t have to worry about us overcharging you! Our charges are also constant no matter if you are moving in Edgewater MD on a weekday, weekend or holidays.

We can start as early and finish late or we can start late and finish early, again, depending on your needs! You don’t have to have us hanging around when you don’t need us anymore, therefore, lessening your waiting time. We also accommodate additional needs such as drop-offs, collections or emergency transfer. We also acknowledge the fact that not all moves are the same. Tell us if you have delicate or special items in need on special handling such as oil paintings. With We You Junk Removal, you get all you want, when you want and at a price YOU want. Call us today @ 410.431.2552.


With We Pay You Junk Removal, you can expect a simple process, the lowest rates, and the highest quality of service. Currently, we are ranked #1 in junk removal, home & office cleaning and local moving across the United States!


What Services We Also Offer?

We Pay You Junk Removal genuinely wants to help our customers which is why we offer additional services and discounts.  Why have us come and remove your junk or clean your home or office for you?


You simply make an appointment and text us pics of your project, we will quote your project and value your junk within 5 minutes.  Our crew shows up on time with the right equipment and you’re free of your junk, sometimes as early as the same day!